Global citizenship for human rights

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About the project

HRE is recognized by consortium as an effective strategy to prevent HR abuses and due to that all sinergies among partners will be induced in order to equip youth workers for HRE and train multiplier agents how to organize educational activities on local level.

HRE must constantly evolve in order to respond to the changing needs and circumstances of today’s societies. Furthermore, it is not enough to simply educate youngsters on tolerance and non-violence as well as intercultural and iterfaith dialogue cannot be described as a best practice without being demonstrated and reinforced by educators, parents, the community and wider civil society. Only through a holistic and cooperative approach can HRE be truly effective in guaranteeing respect for the rights of all.

Main aim of this project is to build capacity of partner organisation for using Human Rights Education on the local level and transferring existing tools and creating new one for promoting Human Rights and Interfaith dialogue.

Project partners:

  • Nongovernmental organisation “IUVENTA – Serbia – coordinating organisation
  • Associazione TDM 2000 – Italy
  • Gerakan Kerelawanan Internasional (GREAT) – Indonesia
  • Disha International Foundation Trust – India
  • Institute for Cultural Relations Policy – Hungary
  • Darusselam Vakfi ( Darusselam Foundation ) – Turkey